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Just so all of you are prepared, I’m going to be posting one yiff drawing later tonight. I’ll tag it as it should be, but just thought I’d let you guys know. 

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I have so much hatred for my new art teacher I want him to inhale paint fumes and die

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Straight white boys are ridiculous I just held a door for one and he told me he’s straight

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(zooms into furry’s butt while drawing) (computer freezes like that) nice

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Although it is not shown, I also can do:

full ref sheets: 25 dollars (Front view, back view, side view, two facial expressions and one other detail closeup) 

reaction sheets: (Comes with eight facial expressions of your character of choice) 20 dollars

  • nsfw is fine
  • most fetishes are fine 
  • humans are fine
  • fanart is fine

Please send me an ask if you would like anything, every commission really really helps! prices are negotiable and may vary depending on difficulty or detail of character

signal boost please!

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Here I’ll reblog my commission info

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I did my eyebrows and they’re really uneven but I’ll rock it anyway and make it look fantastic

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So I’m trying out paint tool SAI and I think I might make the switch, any constructive criticism, pointers, or advice on using this software for coloring? Any help is appreciated. 

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I love going to my sisters house in fact that’s where I’m heading off to right now

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hhhhh I need school supplies by tomorrow but can’t get them becaUSE I WAS FUCKING ROBBED AND HAVE NO ACCESSABLE MONEY UNTIL NEXT WEEK

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I rather like the way that Krita sketch looks, it seems cleaner than the other program. And I'm sure your readers won't mind the changes, from here, if you keep it consistent with Krita for a while, it'll look great! :3c (For a bit of comfort to you, look up your favorite webcomic. pick one that's been up for a while. Look at the first strip compared to the latest. The progress'll be really obvious, and the program will clearly be different, too!) Hang in there, you're doing great!
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Oh man this is such a nice message, thank you I really needed that! Ahh I’m saving a little screenshot of this ask and putting it into my cheer up folder :O Very very sweet, thank you so much! 

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i should start taking yiff commissions if i get good enough with Krita

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Okay, well there’s definitly going to be a slight style change in my webcomic, which will be weird because there was already a software change after the first five pages, and now in about six more pages the will be ANOTHER notable change, but I guess it’s a show of progress, right? 

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Well, time to learn how to use Krita.